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Vehicle Leasing Program

Welcome to First World Leasing Programme. We have been in the automobile leasing industry for over 13 years. We have an impressive track record of success throughout the years with car owners all around Kenya.. And now at First World Leasing, you too can join our long list of happy car owners who enjoy leasing their car with us. Whether you want to lease one car or multiple vehicles we are always here for business.


We pay as follows for the following vehicles:-

  • All Big 5 seaters 9303KES per week from KCA-KCZ Depending with the make of the vehicle Mostly 5 seater.
  • All new 5 seaters 10500KES per week mostly from KDA-KDJ
  • KCA-KCZ Voxy/Noah 11662KES per week new ones 14000KES per week
  • All small 5 seater 8162KES or 7000KES per week (Mira/Alto)
Lease and Earn

We also wish to inform you there are common things that cannot be disregarded as much as you want your vehicle to make money. Most of the new vehicles incurs the following expenses:-

  • Oil service which occurs after 5000Km or mostly between 2-3months amount 3500/- including all the logistics
  • Brakes pads front mostly between 2-3months 2600kes
  • Rear brakes linings mostly between 2-3months 2000kes
  • Tires depending
  • Any other expenses vary with time
Payments Timelines / When To Expect Money

Our payments plan work as follows; we calculate our week from Monday to Monday (7days). We close our payments list for all vehicles on Monday 11:59hrs.

Whether your vehicle came on Monday or Wednesday or Friday, our system shall automatically close the accounts on Monday night. There after we will pay one

Most of our clients are corporate clients who get paid through cheques thus promoting us to pay all partners one week in arrears. Once your week ends on Monday, our system will send you breakdown notification on Friday with the sender ID “FIRSTWORLD2” please make sure you have not unsubscribed from promotional/Premium services from your Safaricom line.

You can check through *100*5# (Prepay) or Postpaid *200*7# followed by LOOPCBA PAYMENTS.

We shall always have one week payments in arrears which will be later settled when the lease expires.

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Frequent Asked Questions For Car Leasing

We highly recommend you read thi frequent asked questions for better understanding of our terms and conditions.

Who deals with payments?

The payments are done by the Director only Dr. Maina 0790395476. No staff is allowed to handle car owner payments.

What happens if I want my personal vehicle for use?

If you would like a vehicle to use for a day, or two, it’s possible provided you notify us in advance. The hiring charges are deducted from your weekly payments.

What happens if I withdraw my vehicle without notice?

You forfeit the unpaid dues. We highly recommend before withdrawing your vehicle, you give a 1-month notice.

How long can I lease my car?

You can lease from 2month Minimum, to a tun of 2 years. You can lease any months you want provided is not less than 2 months.

Can I see my vehicle once I lease it?

Yes, you can see it, provided you notify us on time to avoid inconveniencing our client.

Is the company registered?

Yes. We have over 12 years’ experience in car hire business.

Does the company pay on time?

Yes. Our payments roll is closed on every Monday midnight and the payments are paid on Friday’s. There will be always 4days in arrears on every week. The same is calculated at the end of the contract.

Why is the contract sound punitive to the car owner? 

The contracts protects the client who is the boss for both the company and the car owner. If there was a party to be inconvenienced, it’s the client. That’s why there is dos and don’ts.

What happens in case of theft?

If such event happens, we cooperate with all the investigations including giving out all details required by the police.

Who caters for vehicle towing in case of an accident?

The insurance company. When you pay for the insurance of your vehicle, the towing charges are always included in the policy. What you are required to have is receipt of breakdown services which is provided or issued by the breakdown service providers at your request.

What happens in case of an accident? 

The company shall at all time advise the client on how to report the case. Any other thing is known when we cross that bridge.

Is it a must my vehicle must have a car track? 

Yes, for easy management. If you have already installed the tracking, you are supposed to share with us the details for tracking the vehicle. Further, we also do install vehicle tracking at a cost of 8,000/- only.

Which insurance cover is the car owner required to have?

Any insurance policy is okay with us. Be it PSV or PRIVATE COMP is okay with us. Actually, we accommodate vehicles with TPO insurance.

What happens when the vehicle is scratched by our client?

We cater for it without your involvement.

What is the role of the company when it comes to repairs?

Our role is to source for clients while the role of the car owner is to maintain the vehicle. Whether the vehicle has worked or not, ours is to pay you. We always communicate on time when the need arises.

Why is the car owner prohibited from repossessing his/her car when the car is with our client?

Most of our clients are corporate and sometimes they stay with the car for more than a month. If you repossess the car and the client has not cleared with us, the client might take advantage of that and refuse to clear any outstanding arrears. Furthermore, if the vehicle is repossessed and happens it has some dents, the company does not take the responsibility. Handing over the vehicle should be done in our offices only.

Why is it that, the company does not count 2 days when I bring my vehicle for leasing hence, I brought the vehicle in good condition?

We do not count the 2 days because it is our first time to see the vehicle. Initially, you cannot bring the vehicle today and we dispatch it to our client the same day. We must monitor the vehicle which includes a drive test before we dispatch it to our clients.

Why take vehicles from individuals hence you can buy your own? 

We have our vehicles but we cannot meet all the demand from our clients.

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