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Car Hire Services

5 Seaters

5 seater cars for you

Monday - Thursday 2500/= for 24hrs

Friday - Sunday 3000/= for 24hrs

7 Seaters

7 seater cars for you

Monday - Thursday 4000/= for 24hrs

Friday - Sunday 4500/= for 24hrs


Executive cars for you

Monday - Thursday 7000/= for 24hrs

Friday - Sunday 7500/= for 24hrs

offers and discounts

Terrific Tuesdays
Hire any of our 5-seaters for 2 days (Tue & Wed) and pay 4,000/=

Hire any of our 7-seaters for 2 days (Tue& Wed) and pay 7,000/=

Hire any of our 5-seaters for the weekend (Fri,Sat & Sun) and pay 8,000/=

Hire any of our 7 seaters for the weekend (Fri,Sat,Sun) and pay 12,500/=

one week offer
Hire any of our 5-seater for 7 days and pay 16,000/=

Hire any of our 7- seater for 7 days and pay 24,500/=

Procedure For Hiring From Us

At First World Limited, we are focused on ensuring that the car rental procedure is straightforward, accommodating, and easy. We are not limited to your country of origin. For foreigners, you must provide your original passport and proof documents that you are within Kenya borders legally. All our clients must be at least 18 years of age. If that is the case, you stand a chance of being one of us. To start with, you must register for a user account with us. Fear not; this is free. When registering for an account on our system, we do collect and record personal information for security reasons. This typically takes about 15 minutes as we make sure to record every detail from our client so we can continue to provide you with excellent service

Please note: All data recorded is confidential and we won't share it with any third-party, individual or company.

In addition, we require the following documents from you. 

  • A copy of your national ID/passport (We require original. We will do a copy for our records)
  • A valid driving license (We require original. We will do a copy for our records)
  • We will take a photo of you.(Passport photo)
  • Of course with hiring charges (Pay to our till no. 9516041 after you complete registration)

After creating the account, you’ll get a welcome text message to notify you that you’re now part of First World Limited.

For those who have already used our services, you must uphold a high standard, which includes taking good care of the vehicle you've rented and paying your payments on time. If you want to hire from us, your driver's license needs to be valid at all times. After making the necessary fees, you can receive the keys to the rental car.

One thing to keep in mind is that we only collect your data once. From then, whenever you wish to hire from us, we will use the information we've already gathered.

You can download our Client Briefing before dispatch document with the button below.

Client Briefing Before Dispatch

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