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Join Our Investment Program And Earn 5% Interest Each Month

Earn 5% interest per month. 

Learn how our investment plan works here.

First World Limited offers car hire, lease and investment services.

To satisfy our clients, we LEASE vehicles from Individuals at a rate from KSh 40,000/- per month depending on the vehicle model and registration number. For example, for any small 5-seater from KCA-KCZ, we pay a commission of 40k per month. Weekly payments at KSh 9303/-.

For all the new vehicles from KDA-Newest plate, we pay a commission of 45k per month. Every week, the owner will get KSh 10,500/- equivalent to KSh 1,500/- per day.

It is not once or twice we have run out of stock. Out of stock means, the clients come to our offices for hire but find we have exhausted all the vehicles. Like any other business, when you are short of stock, you go the extra mile to restock or look for new suppliers.

Balancing supply and demand has never been easy in any business. The equilibrium as we call it sometimes requires us to make the best decision for it to balance.

Our investment plan is tailor made for all the investors who feel that investing in car hire business is risky. Under our investment the investor enjoys a 5% interest per month equivalent to 60% per year. The investment plan has a contract of 1 year or 2 years and at the end of the contract the investor is refunded the whole principal amount.

For more information call: 0790395476
How do we manage to pay 5% interest?

This question has been asked 1000 times and keeps on coming every time we post about earning 5% interest per month. To satisfy our clients who come to hire cars in our business, we have to increase our capacity. Our capacity cannot be guaranteed by only leasing the vehicles that we lease from individuals. To succeed in our business, the company must have its vehicles.
Of course, the company uses the Investment money to buy more fleets. The profit earned from the purchased vehicles is the one shared between the company and the Investor. At this juncture, the Investor enjoys the profit without being deducted any amount for expenses incurred by those vehicles. All the vehicle expenses are catered by the company. Mostly, our vehicles are disposed of after 2-3 years of operations and replaced with new cars.
By the 2nd or 3rd year, the Investor is refunded his principal Investment. The Investor has the option to plow back the Investment or request to be compensated with a car among the ones slotted for sale.

Frequent Asked Questions About Our Investment Program

Can I Invest when I’m in Diaspora?

 Of course yes. Our Investment is for all Kenyans whether in Kenya or Diaspora. For all Kenyans working in Diaspora, as per the law, we do all our communications through our official email: only or Whatsapp on +254790395476

(NB:- For Diaspora, use the above email address or phone number)

How safe is my Investment?

You as the investor and the company representative will sign an investment document that is witnessed and signed by an advocate of the high court of Kenya.

How much can I invest?

Our Investment program starts from Kshs 50,000/- to 10M. And of course, you can increase your Investment anytime you want. Whether you have 200k or 500k you are allowed to Invest.

How long can I invest?

The minimum investment period is 1 year, Maximum of 2 years.

What are the funds for?

The funds are channeled to acquire more vehicles that are used in our car hire business

When do I receive my interest?

On every 5th of every month.

Is there any legal document that I will sign when joining?

Yes. We have a contract that is signed between you and the company witnessed by an Advocate of the high court.

How will I benefit from this plan if I invest?

Once you invest with us, you shall be receiving an interest of 5% per month from the principle invested.

How can I join?

In order for you to join us, you require to have at-least 50,000KES and above.

How much can I invest in this investment plan?

The investment is categorized in two types i.e. P UNITS & G UNITS. Under the two categories, one can invest from as little as 50,000KES to 10,000,000KES.

For any other inquiry about our Investment, reach us through:

You can also visit our office at Shujaa Mall, 1st-floor room 2A. We are open every day from 6.30 am-6.30 pm

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