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Lease Program FAQs
Who deals with payments?
By admin | |
The payments are done by the Director only Dr. Maina
What happens if I want my personal vehicle for use?
By admin | |
If you would like a vehicle to use for a
What happens if I withdraw my vehicle without notice?
By admin | |
You forfeit the unpaid dues. We highly recommend before withdrawing
How long can I lease my car?
By admin | |
You can lease from 2month Minimum, to a tun of
Can I see my vehicle once I lease it?
By admin | |
Yes, you can see it, provided you notify us on
Is the company registered?
By admin | |
Yes. We have over 12 years’ experience in car hire
Does the company pay on time?
By admin | |
Yes. Our payments roll is closed on every Monday midnight
Why is the contract sound punitive to the car owner? 
By admin | |
The contracts protects the client who is the boss for
What happens in case of theft?
By admin | |
If such event happens, we cooperate with all the investigations
Who caters for vehicle towing in case of an accident?
By admin | |
The insurance company. When you pay for the insurance of

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