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Investment Program FAQs
Can I Invest when I’m in Diaspora?
By admin | |
 Of course yes. Our Investment is for all Kenyans whether
How safe is my Investment?
By admin | |
You as the investor and the company representative will sign
How much can I invest?
By admin | |
Our Investment program starts from Kshs 50,000/- to 10M. And
How long can I invest?
By admin | |
The minimum investment period is 1 year, Maximum of 2
What are the funds for?
By admin | |
The funds are channeled to acquire more vehicles that are
When do I receive my interest?
By admin | |
On every 5th of every month.
Is there any legal document that I will sign when joining?
By admin | |
Yes. We have a contract that is signed between you
How will I benefit from this plan if I invest?
By admin | |
Once you invest with us, you shall be receiving an
How can I join?
By admin | |
In order for you to join us, you require to
How much can I invest in this investment plan?
By admin | |
The investment is categorized in two types i.e. P UNITS

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